WP6 Development of an e-SOTER dissemination platform

WP leader: DG Joint Research Centre, Vit Penizek

We will develop a data dissemination portal for e-SOTER based on the INSPIRE Directive and applying GEOSS Data Sharing Principles. Links with existing or emerging international soil platforms will be explored.

Activities comprise:

  1. analysis of data specification and exchange rules (XML). We will prepare the SoTerML.
  2. profile and analytical data management.
  3. creation of a global/European e-SOTER Portal, including RDBMS structures, algorithm database and data dissemination services. Underpinning the system is a spatially-enabled relational database management system (RDBMS) which will hold and manipulate the variety of data types, scales and sources required by e-SOTER.
  4. implementation on different algorithms applied on e-SOTER.
  5. publication of the products in various formats.

We will deliver e-SOTER operational Web services and relational DBMS including an algorithm database containing methods developed in WP1-6.