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GSP/e-SOTER workshop at FAO  

SOTER accepted as the defacto standard for soil polygon maps during Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) workshop

e-SOTER Mark-up Language released  

The SoTerML created by partner Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI) of the University of Nottingham with assistance of partners Cranfield University and ISRIC has been completed. A zip file containing the full package can be downloaded here.

International Innovation June 2011 article  

An article on the e-SOTER project appeared in International Innovation June 2011.

Artefact-free SRTM DEM  

Landform in e-SOTER will be based on an analysis of the SRTM 90m DEM. The original data contain artefacts (forest vegetation) and noise. They have been removed and the resulting DEM is now artefact-free. More...

Meeting on Soil Data for GEOSS  

Meeting on Soil Data for GEOSS sub-task US-09-03c

The e-SOTER partners ISRIC and JRC have drafted a sub-task sheet for the GEOSS workplan, focussing on a global soil information system. They realize that other global and regional organizations that collect or provide soil data are needed to materialize the huge task described in the sùb-task. As a first step in this process a meeting in Prague on 24-25

e-SOTER in GEO Work Plan 2009-2011  

The e-SOTER project together with partner JRC has contributed to the draft sub-task Bio-geophysical, Soil & Land Surface Data (US-09-03c) of the July 2009 version of the GEO 2009-2011 Work Plan. It will support the development of a Global Soil Observing System and incorporate the various existing regional SOTER initiatives into a coherent system for soil data. It will provide harmonized and policy-relevant information to users at the regional and national levels. As the European contribution to a Global Soil Observing System, e-SOTER will deliver a web-based regional pilot platform with data, methodologies, and applications, using remote sensing to validate, augment and extend existing data.

Kick-off meeting  

The kick-off meeting has been held at ISRIC, Wageningen, from  11 to 12 September, 2008. Participants were: the project consortium partners, the EC project officer as well as external advisors.

Participants of the kick-off meeting

Welcome to the e-SOTER project website  

This website is the official portal of the e-SOTER project that started on September 1st 2008 and lasted until February 2012. The project is a collaborative research  project of 14 partners in Europe, China and Morocco, with European Union funding through the FP7 mechanism.